Trying on my Angry Face

I am FURIOUS. Anger isn't really my thing, generally speaking (my daughters might disagree with that statement, vehemently, but it really isn't). I'm too lazy to go through life angry at the world. I'm the gal on the highway who lets everyone merge in front of her, all the while whimsically wishing I were energetic enough to mutter curses, shake my fists, and drive my car as if it were a weapon.

Myeh. Sounds too much like work.

But I'll share one of my pet peeves with you here. My pet peeves list is pretty short but includes things like: Slow jaywalkers, unkindness and intolerance, and long pet peeve lists. But it also includes - FINDING OUT THAT MY TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA HAS BEEN STOLEN BEFORE I'VE EVEN HAD IT.

That's one of the dangers of the internet, my friends. Sometimes, ignorance really IS bliss. But no, all I had to do was type my brilliant idea into the old google search bar to discover that IT HAS BEEN STOLEN!!! ---> You know it's serious when Kim breaks out the multiple exclamation marks.

So my idea? The title for a book I haven't written yet. Or plotted yet. Or even developed a premise for yet. I just really, really liked the name I chose for it . . . Freaks and Geeks. Catchy, eh? Yeah, someone else thought so too and apparently named a TV show after it. Now I have to come up with ANOTHER awesome name for a book that doesn't technically exist, at all, in any way.

Good thing I'm made of awesome, eh?

VanderVision Tip of the Day: If someone steals some of your awesome just be extra awesome afterwards. That'll teach them.


  1. FYI ~ Titles can't be copyrighted . . . so you could use 'Freaks & Geeks' and as long as it's not the exact same as the show, no one can bother you about it!

  2. lol. You could totally change the name of S.U.P.E.R...