Do Over?

The day I married my Vanderman was an awesome day. Awesomest of the awesomes, in fact. Still, I look at pictures like the one above and get a bit whimsical, because when I got married, I wasn't me yet.

That makes more sense than it seems to. Honest.

The me who got married on my wedding day was a shy, mousy little thing. She avoided making eye contact with people (I honestly didn't figure out the colour of Neil's eyes till, umm, a year or so after we got married?), hated attention, and never, ever cracked jokes. Yeah. Pretty much the anti-me. I've come a long way, people.

She also liked floral prints and Victorian style furniture, thought eating was a necessary evil (unless it was sweets), and avoided social situations as if being forced to mingle with people would somehow be her undoing (okay, I still kind of think that--I hate mingling).

So our wedding day was all kinds of lovely and beautiful. But these days? I'm not quite so smitten with the beautiful as I used to be. I prefer the quirky and the rustic. I'm tickled pink (and I do NOT love pink) by whimsy and inanity. The picture above makes me YEARN to go back and do it all differently, to do it the way I would do it as the me I am now.

But there was one moment from our wedding day that stands out in my memory as being current-me-worthy, and that's when my bridesmaids presented Neil with a bright green cape that had his nickname, ORCHARD BOY, emblazoned on it (we met in an orchard--cool story, I'll tell you sometime). Neil promptly put it on and leapt off the stage of the church gymnasium with the cape fluttering behind him. And shy, quiet, mousy Kim of years gone by? She bust a gut laughing.

Yeah, I've said before. The seeds of my awesomeness were planted long, long ago. And I guess I'm going to do the smart thing and stop wishing I could rewrite the past. I'll look at it through the lens of the now, shake my head a little, and smile bemusedly, and then I'll do the really smart thing and look forward . . . to planning really crazy parties for my children in which I pathetically attempt to live vicariously through them . . .

Sorry honey, I know you like princesses, but we're having a superhero party, m'kay?

VanderVision Tip of the Day: No matter how old you are, and how many regrets you have, it's never too late to embrace your inner awesomeness.

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  1. I REMEMBER THAT MOMENT! *heehee* :) So typical of your Vanderman . . . thanks for the memory and the giggle! :)