On Bravery, Telepathy, and Other Things Ending in 'Y'

I am not a brave person. Awesome? Definitely. Brave? Only the amount of bravery requisite to leave the house . . . on rare occasions. Like when we're running out of food again, that sort of thing.

And for a "tongue-in-cheek, wannabe comic" like myself, that's a pretty big stumbling block. You have to be brave to be funny. Anyone can sit around thinking funny thoughts, but actually putting them out there? Risking the awkward silence or proverbial cricket chirping? That takes an iron will, that does. Either that or a complete disregard for the opinions of others (I'm working on that one--progress is being made).

I mentioned before that I was meeting up with an old internet friend for the first time. After fifteen years of mocking each other via email, FINALLY we were going to be able to mock each other in person. Except I couldn't seem to manage it. Oh, I managed to get words out, but they weren't quite the right words. You know how that goes? How the conversation you're having inside your head is ever so much funnier than the one happening out loud?

As the years roll by (and my goodness there seem to have been a LOT of them all of a sudden), I find that my ability to disregard opinions increases exponentially. Seriously. I went grocery shopping in sweat pants last night, that's how awesomely I'm rocking this new attitude. But I still have hang ups. Like my mum. I am so in awe of how amazing she is that I'm constantly trying to impress her (and looking like a moron half the time because of it). Also on the list? People of note in the literary world (me + aspiring authorness = idiocy), people with clean houses (a club to which I most emphatically do not belong), and, apparently, people like Dave.

Sorry, Dave. If you work really, really hard at developing telepathic powers, our next meet up (in oh, another fifteen years or so?) might be a wee bit more entertaining. Inside my head I am freakin' HILARIOUS.

And I'll keep working on the whole bravery thing. Because while you don't have to be brave to be awesome, you have to be brave to SHARE the awesome. Hey look, I just shared an awesome blog post with an amusing graphic attached. Maybe I'm brave after all . . .

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