Crazy-Awesome and Killer Trains

There's a rail line across the valley from our house. Sometimes we can catch a glimpse of a train through the trees and, if the house is very quiet, we can hear the whirring and the clickety-clacking over the sound of the cattle in the grasslands below.

Yeah. We live on a hill overlooking a gorgeous mountain valley with cows in it. My house is awesome like that.

Thing is, when I was about six-years-old I started having this recurring nightmare about being trapped in a dark but busy train yard. I could only see the stretch of track that I was standing on, and kept having to hop onto another one, never knowing if a train was shunting down it. It was TERRIFYING. It was wake up screaming and trembling scary, and there was a stretch of time during my childhood when the prospect of sleep frightened me. And that's a pretty big deal. I'm a lazy gal. I luuuurve sleep.

The other night the local train was going past at about 3am and I'd just been up feeding little Gracie. It was dark and cold (I discovered later that Neil accidentally left the window open - Dude, we live in the mountains! It's practically winter already!) and the sound of the train seemed to fill our bedroom. For some crazy reason I started having the nightmare WHILE I WAS AWAKE.

Imaginations. Great for the writing. Not so great for the living a moderately normal life thing.

It drives me mental (obviously) how irrational I was being. I mean, cozied up in bed on the third floor of a big house, and I think I'm going to get run over by a train? Good news is, I will never run out of writing material because people (myself very much included) are INSANE.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: You can be awesome AND crazy. Hence the term, crazy-awesome. Which I am.


  1. What! You mean all these conversations and double lives I live inside my head aren't real? No wonder I'm messed up!

  2. That must have been horrible. But I'm sure it was just recall of that nightmare. The mind can play awful tricks like that sometimes, but it doesn't mean one's mad.

  3. That's creeptastic. And I'm the same way in the fact that I can freak myself out and live a nightmare while awake.