On Star Trek and How Google is Eating My Brain

I couldn't sleep last night and it's all Jordi LaForge's fault. If you don't know who that is, you might not be as geeky as you think you are..

My mind is FASCINATING. Really, I live in here, so I ought to know. The way I'm able to make seemingly random connections between things that have next to nothing to do with each other is, in a word, fanTAStic. Often, when I share my thoughts out loud, the confusion adulation I see in the faces of those around me makes my wee little ego swell. I especially love how the topic of conversation is rapidly changed after my contribution, probably because everyone knows there's no way they can top it.

I intimidate people with how awesome I am sometimes. It's a curse.

So last night I had a song in my head, and it was a song Ray Charles once sang. And that got me thinking about blindness (being married to an Optometrist, this is a frequent topic of conversation), and that got me thinking about tacos, like, how hard would it be to eat a taco if you were blind? It's a messy business even if you can see what you're doing. Tacos got me thinking about the shape of Jordi LaForge's visor, which connected to the whole thinking about blindness thing ---> EVIDENCE OF THE AWESOME.

What kept me awake was not being able to remember if Jordi was healed from his blindness or not. I had this vague glimmer of a suspicion that he was, but then, I've had so many Star Trek influenced dreams over the years I couldn't be sure I hadn't just dreamed up a happy ending for one of my favourite fictional characters. I do that sometimes. I'm sweet like that.

I'm still not certain, and I refuse to google it to find out. I'm beginning to suspect that my gradually failing memory is NOT a function of encroaching old age (I'm thirty-five, and that's like, halfway to dead since I plan to die "young" and all), but rather a symptom of relying too heavily on search engines and not enough on my own know-how. So I will continue to rack my brain as a sort of mental exercise.

VanderVision Lesson of the Day: Just because you're awesome doesn't mean you shouldn't work hard to be MORE awesome.


  1. I remember one of the episodes where they talked about it but he chose to keep the visor but I also seem to think in the movies (or maybe it was an episode about the future or something) where he is healed..it's not age it's baby brain!

  2. Q gives him his sight in one episode, and in another he talks about how he "sees" better with the visor, how he's able to see gradients of light that sighted people can't see, and it's better than what we think of as vision. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I wore that visor in my hair every day of my freshman year of high school. I even read somewhere that they based the visor on that hair contraption. And I suppose with THAT extra detail, I'm now officially geeky-awesome enough to read your blog!!

  3. there are people out there who don't know who Jordi LaForge is? how very strange/sad!

  4. So, in the movie Insurrection he is able to use his eyes for real. What I'm not sure about is whether that is a permanent thing. I don't think so.

    So relieved I'm geeky/awesome enough not only to be able to read your blog, but feed you at least one answer to the question you asked.


  5. Yes, he gets his vision back. I saw him using his eyes on Reading Rainbow.

    You really are awesome.

  6. He doesn't really get natural vision back, but he does get ocular implants to replace the visor. They look like cool cyber eyes and he has them in some of the Next Generation movies.

  7. Rats! Heffalump beat me to it. :P He's able to see all sorts of technical data with his new implants. Who needs google when people are so full of random information? :)