Team Obi-Wan and the Wookies: Finalists

Like the Force, writing is both mysterious and powerful. There are some things we can make sense of, rules we can figure out and follow, but in the end it comes down to instinct, ability, and bloody hard work. 

The authors our team has chosen to showcase are indeed strong in the ways of the Force, and they've worked hard to make their Pitch Slam entries as radiant and effective as a light-saber (okay, maybe I'm stretching a little too hard analogy-wise here, but come on, this is fun, isn't it?).

And because you would MUCH rather read these fabulous entries than my simile-ridden prose, here (in no particular order) are Team Obi-Wan and the Wookies' Finalists: 

Our fantabulous Jedi Council will be making requests using the following system:

These are the pages I'm looking for: Query and first 15 pages
You have the reflexes of a Jedi: Query and first 50 pages
Disciplined, you are: Query and first 100 pages
The Force is strong with this one: Query and full

Don't forget to check out the other teams' finalists:

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