YA Fantasy: Her Crooked Shadow

35 Word Pitch: If seventeen-year-old wizard Inani wants to save her only friend from child-sacrifice by her Order, she’ll have to join a pack of murder-happy conspiracy idiots and overthrow her former family. Legend of Korra meets Deadpool.

Genre: YA Fantasy

Title: Her Crooked Shadow

Word Count: 93,000

If your main character could be any Star Wars character, who would they choose and why?: It's a toss-up between Mara Jade and Han Solo (badasses with shady pasts, now doing whatever they want), but Han's best friend can/does rip peoples' arms off, so Han wins.

First 250:

I owed a twerp an ass-kicking.

The smooth stone warmed my belly as I inched to the edge of the roof. Through the narrow window just below, I spotted my target. The twerp had holed up with two cronies in one of the empty classrooms, the benches stacked against the wall, the floor swept clear. All but for the tiny girl huddled on her knees. Even from up there, with the Sky Father’s dusty wind tugging my long, black hair over my face, the reek of turkey shit scorched my nose.

“Come on, freak,” said the leader, some snot-nosed idiot, maybe thirteen years old. I should’ve known his name, but like the rest of the citadel scrubs—which was what everyone called the initiates—his head was shaved, and I couldn’t tell them apart. “Where’s that big mouth now, huh? I thought you were tough.”

The girl’s name I did know: Klawi, my only friend. She said nothing; kept her head down, her face hidden. She wouldn’t give them anything.

One of the cronies wrinkled his nose. “Gods beyond, she stinks.”

And that had everything to do with the shit-smeared basket he held. He must have taken it from the rooftop gardens, where we kept the stuff as fertilizer.

“Not so special now, are you?” Snot Nose said. “You’re just a worthless, little nothing without that psycho to back you up.”

Me, he meant; he would never say my name out loud. 

Whisper “Inani” and she’ll appear
, they giggled behind my back.


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  2. It is I, Moebi-Wan Kenobi. My, my, my… The Force is strong in this one.
    Somebody has to save our skins

    Because of COURSE Leia would save the day. (Take note, Han.)

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