The Love-to-Do's

There are a lot of things I've always wanted to do. Hand out free umbrellas on a rainy day. Learn to make cheesecake. Volunteer in hospital waiting rooms to help people through hardest-day-of-their-lives kinda days. Go hang-gliding. Do quirky things like walk up to a stranger, hand them a briefcase, and whisper, "You know what to do."

But a lot of my days are spent not-doing the things I most want to. I forget to turn on the music. I forget to play the piano. I forget to go for walks on windy days and warm my fingers with homemade hot chocolate afterward.

I forget to do things. I live, I cope, I function. But I forget to thrive.

I think we sometimes get so focused on the need-to's and should-do's of our lives, we forget about the love-to-do's. So I'm going to have a love-to-do kind of day. I'm opening the windows and inviting in the cold scent of new snow inside, blaring my favourite music, and writing pen-and-paper letters to my nearest and dearest. I'm going to snuggle my girls and pound on the piano and sing crazy loud till they half die from my-mom-is-such-a-dork embarrassment. And for dinner I'm going to bake a super cheesy lasagna and eat twice as much as I should.

And then I'll dance till I collapse and maybe have a bubble bath while I lose myself in a story that will remind me about the all and the everything of why I love words so much. Because embracing our love-to-do's is key to loving life, and I really need to remember how to love mine.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Love-to-do's = Love to Live.

What do you love to do?

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