Angry is as Angry Does

I used to be all about the angry (but I switched to the awesome - see my tagline). Angry is FUN. Angry makes you feel like you are better, smarter, and righter than the person/organization/inanimate object with which you are enraged. It's an instant ego-boost, with no need for outside assistance at ALL. Anger is the ultimate do-it-yourself mood enhancer.

And the worst/best part of it is, that the world is so full of stupidity we will never run out of reasons to be angry. Ever drive a car? Bam! 7,237 reasons to be angry. At least. Have relatives? Have children? Leave your house on occasion and interact with fellow members of the human race? Yeah. You've got reasons to be angry. It's inevitable. It's human. And sometimes? It's an absolute blast.

So as I said, angry used to be my thing. I had indignation mastered. Self-righteousness? I was considering going pro. But while highly diverting, being angry is also an exhausting, soul-sucking pursuit that, given time, completely wipes you out. And me, I'm lazy by nature, and I eventually came to realize that being angry was, GASP!, an awful lot like work!

These days, I'm all about the laissez-faire approach to life. I've mastered the shoulder shrug and the bemused smile, the slight head shake and quick-while-they're-not-looking eye roll. I've chosen amusement over anger, tolerance over rage, and cheesy as it sounds, love over hatred.

The best, most amusing part of this new approach to life? It REALLY ticks some people off.

How do you fight the angry?

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