Book Review: Transparent

Let me tell you about the awesomeness that is this book.

I used to read classical literature. For fun. I used to have an attention span LIKE A BOSS. I used to read till 3am every night and then get up early the next day, ready for more. I used to be young.

And then I had four kids, and suddenly, my attention span is almost nil, and staying up till 11pm ranks as a major accomplishment.

But when I read Transparent, by Natalie Whipple, it was like traveling back in time. Because I was young again. Because I was staying up till 2am, then waking up super early in hopes I could finish before I had to deal with real life stuff. Ugh. Real life. HOW BORING.

The main character in this novel is not only invisible, she truly is transparent, because we are drawn into her world in a way that is beyond compelling. Would I have liked more detail about the fascinating world the story is set in? Oh yes indeedy. But I am hoping beyond hope that there will be a sequel to this that will explore that more. And really, I was soon swept up in Fiona's story and peripheral details became infinitely less important.

Because this was an incredibly compelling read. And for a sleep-deprived mom of four little girls to willingly give up sleep is a really big deal.

But perhaps my favorite part of this story is the depth of it. The way it explores issues of trust and betrayal and redemption from an authentically teenage viewpoint. I kind of want my kids to grow up faster so I can discuss this with them, and yes, that is all kinds of messed up. But that's what a truly exceptional book does to us. It messes with our heads in the best of ways.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Literary awesome is one of the best kinds of awesome there is, but if you don't shout out to the world about how awesome the books you read are, then you are being a selfish awesomeness-hoarder and I will mock you till you mend your ways.

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  1. Not. Fair. This is in my top 10 of want to read this year and you already HAVE. Jealous! :)