Fixing Your Happy

If you read the caption of the above photo with the voice of Gargamel in your head, you're at least as awesome as I am.

Speaking of Gargamel, I'm currently ''plotting'' (ha ha!) some revisions to one of my novels. How was that for a smooth segue, eh? Punny, relevant, and with a certain je-ne sais quoi to boot. Seriously, how can you people stand the amazingness that is me?

Anyhoo (not an impressive segue - not really worthy of comment, actually), my mind is currently flooded with VERY SERIOUS STUFF. This is due in part to people I follow on Facebook posting links to fascinating articles that I somehow seem to have enough time to read despite the fact that I'm two weeks behind on the laundry and my socks adhere slightly to the dining room floor whenever I walk across it.

I'm an enigma like that.

Once upon a time ago, I would get really, really grumpy after reading articles such as the ones I've read this week. Human stupidity is, well, it's stupid. And chronic. And pervasive. In fact, I would go so far as to get downright ORNERY when confronted with mass amounts of it.

But now I just shake my head, vow that MY CHILDREN WILL BE RAISED BETTER THAN THAT OR SO HELP ME, and search Pinterest for funny photos. That may seem a bit incongruous, but it's really working for me. When I get upset, I get my silly on, and suddenly the world is a much less scary place.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Awesomeness and hilarity are closely intertwined. If you don't laugh during the course of the day, the day has not been awesome. It has been sad and is therefore broken and in need of fixing (see above picture).

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  1. I totally agree! Laughter and silliness are definitely components of a day of awesome! :)