Letters from Kim

Dear Neighbour-Fellow with the Toque that Makes You Look like a Potato-Head,

You make me smile. Thanks for that.

The Optometrist's Wife who OBVIOUSLY needs to get herself an Appointment to see her Husband. Soon.

Dear Family,

Please stop leaving your boots on top of the heat vent. Yes, they dry out faster. Yes, they feel all luverly and warm when you next put them on. But our house smells like feet.

She With the Overactive Olfactory Lobes

Dear New Vacuum,

You suck.


With Worrying Levels of Affection,
The Punny Gal Whose Back Doesn't Seize up After Vacuuming Anymore

p.s. Seriously. You are AWESOME.

Dear Kim,

Please stop wetting your hair in the sink AFTER you've brushed your teeth. Seriously. Gross.

Exasperatingly Yours,

Tooth-Paste Head

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Seeing the humour in life makes it infinitely more bearable. Also, the weirdest things are funny when you're skating by on 3-4 hours of sleep a night.


  1. Dear Tooth-Paste Head,
    Thank you for the giggle this morning!
    love and miss you tons!

  2. Ha ha ha! I loved the one to the vacuum. :D