What's In a Name?

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm awesome. I don't actually believe that I am, because I'm neurotic and insecure like that, but I have a scientific turn of mind and the evidence is pretty compelling. It's getting to the point where my awesomeness is difficult to deny, and so I've decided to embrace it and inform people of the fact as often as possible. You know, so they don't keel over from the shock of discovering it all on their own.

I'm super noble. You'll soon learn that about me. It's part of the awesome.

My husband is an Optometrist. In non-fancy speak that's an eye doctor. He's kind of awesome too. I'm pretty sure I've rubbed off on him over the years. Anyway, when he was at Optometry school I liked to plot/scheme/dream about what his future clinic would be like. Scheming and plotting makes my inner villain super happy. My favourite future-evil-plan moment was when I came up with the PERFECT clinic name. Even then my awesomeness was beginning to shine through.

Neil was cautiously impressed, in a that's-really-cool-as-long-as-you-aren't-actually-serious kind of way. He ended up naming his clinic after the wee little town we live in, but I thought it should have been called, VANDERVISION.

Awesome, right?

Ever since then I've wanted to use the name for something. So I started a blog. Yeah, you'll hear me talk big about the REAL reasons I started up this site. Wanting to connect with people, wanting to preserve my awesomeness for posterity, blah blah blah. But it's really about the name.

And being awesome.

How do you channel your inner awesome?


  1. You *ARE* pretty dang awesome :) !! Love the new blog title!

    P.S. This comment is so short because my computer has been freaking out lately - I never know when it will just spontaneously shut down. That is not awesome ;) !!

  2. Um. My inner awesome has been running up and down stairs. And, quite frankly, putting your inner-awesome-stair-climber to shame! But your inner-awesome-name-thinker-upper? Yeah, you win.

    Yay for the queen!

  3. The name DID need to be used. And I'm glad you've decided to document your awesomeness under the awesome name your awesome brain came up with!! :)