Weather You Like it or Not

I hate the heat. I hate the cold. Yeah. There's pretty much no pleasing me. I hate getting rained on. I hate slogging through snow, and especially the way it always gets into my boots no matter how careful I am. I hate sunburns and the way my eyes go all squinty in bright sunshine. Basically, I hate being hotter, colder, wetter, or dryer than I would like to be.

What can I say? I'm kind of a control freak like that.

What I do love is wind, and the sound hail makes when it's hitting things that are NOT my head. I love thunder and lightning and those awesome cloud-scapes that make it look like the sky is warning us of an imminent alien attack.

Much as it annoys me, pretty much daily, weather is all kinds of awesome (and we me at VanderVision are all about the awesome). Weather is one of those unifying, human-experience-defining things. It's why one of the world's biggest cliches, talking about the weather, IS such a big cliche. Because we all do it. I don't care how cool you think you are, you have at some point in your life discussed the weather with someone (even if only to complain about it, the way I do).

And I think it's important to acknowledge those big-huge-uniting things all humans have in common, because maybe we'll think a little bit less about all the things we don't. Yeah, I'm getting all boring sociopolitical on you, but it's okay because of my annoying amusing use of the strike through feature.

Assuming you are not currently living on a submarine, how's the weather where you are? 


  1. I hate the heat. I really, really hate it. I don't like to sweat and without airconditioning, if it's over maybe 25 degrees I just sweat while doing ANYTHING around the house.

    Right now, though, we have rain. And gray (or grey ;), and I love them both. (as long as I don't have to be out in them when I don't want to).

  2. Also, I really love the picture. LOVE it.

  3. It's hot. But we are on a cooling streak. Meaning we are in the low 90's instead of the high 90's.

    I like heat these days. Don't know why. It's odd, really.