Pitch Slam Awesomeness is on the Horizon

What makes Pitch Slam so dang awesome?

  • You get 24 hours to send your entry in (don't forget to attach your pitch and 250 as two separate documents!).
  • You can get feedback on your 35 word pitch.
  • You can get feedback on your first 250 words.
  • Your feedback comes from THREE experienced authors/editors.
  • The feedback rounds, while BRILLIANT, are totally optional. You can submit an entry for our picking-the-finalists round even if you didn't enter the feedback rounds. Official rules and entry guidelines can be found HERE. (Don't forget to paste your final entry into the body of the email. First Round = Two Attachments. Second Round = Copy & Paste.)
  • If you do enter the feedback rounds, you get time to revise before the final round!
  • Finalist entries will be posted on our team captains' blogs and read by our FABULOUS Jedi Council (literary agents). Requests will be made!
  •  Many past entrants and finalists have gone on to sign with agents and publishers. Because our entrants are made of awesome too. 

Here's a calendar detailing how the contest will play out:

Stay tuned! Updates will also be posted on the #PitchSlam twitter hashtag and in our Pitch Slam Writers Facebook group. But the place where ALL the Pitch Slam fabulousness is coalescing, is HERE.

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