Support is Everything

When Neil and I got married (fifteen years ago today) he had no idea he married a writer. I fooled him. Big time. Mostly because I fooled myself too. It was a shock to both of us when I figured out that one of the contributing factors to my sporadic (and sometimes chronic) bursts of depression was "not writing."

I handled it badly, I'll admit. I stole time from my family and used it to pay for my word addiction. I'm on the path to a sort of recovery time management wise, but I will forever and joyfully be a word addict.

This year, for the first time ever, Neil didn't try to talk me out of attending the annual Storymakers conference. For the first time, I felt his support as this near tangible thing carrying me aloft. And today, for our anniversary, he gave me an Underwood typewriter.

I cried. A lot. Like, his shoulder is actually wet from it kind of crying. And I didn't have to tell him that it wasn't because of the thing, but because of what it seemed to mean. He already knew. After fifteen years we have BOTH accepted the sometimes wonderful, sometimes strugglesome truth that I am a writer.

Happy anniversary, my love. I'm sorry I duped you, but I will spend all my days weaving pieces of our love into the stories I tell. 

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  1. I can't believe it's been 15 years already. Seems like it was just a few years ago when we sent the 2 of you off to your wedding night amidst a sea of bubbles. You were a lovely bride then, and are even more lovely now as you move into who God created you to be! ♥