Pitch Slam Reveal: Team Tempo Tantrums Final Picks

After all the waiting, pacing, critiquing, revising, teasing, and EVEN MORE waiting, you might be wondering . . . do we love you?

And the answer is: WE SO TOTALLY DO. You guys have been AMAZING.

It has been the craziest, most exhausting, most exhilarating of rides, and Pitch Slam is finally drawing to a close. But our theme of second chances isn't. You're going to get a lot of those as you push forward with your writing. You're going to work with critique partners and beta readers who will give you a second chance at fulfilling your story's potential. You'll encounter industry professionals who'll give you one chance, and others who'll give you two or three or four.

Whether you're a finalist or not, keep revising and honing your craft, keep writing new, wonder-stirring stories, and keep querying. Contests are only one flavor of fabulous in the tasty world of trying-to-get-published. There's magic in second chances, and both you and your amazing story deserve that.

Please know that we are in awe of you. Not only of your talent and potential, but your tenacity.

And your patience.

At long last, here are the finalists for Team Tempo Tantrums!

HYDE & SEEKER: MG Mystery/Fantasy

AVENUE D 1/2: MG Adventure/Horror

THAT'S NOT ME: YA Contemporary



THE WAXLING: YA Contemporary Fantasy


BURY THE DEAD: YA Historical/Mystery

The other teams' picks can be found below:

Team Monster Mash
Team Notorious
Team Scarlet Streetcar
Team True Grit

But what's this? There's another place where winning entries can be found? Apparently there was a spy in our midst! Make sure to check out the amazing entries of Team Double Agent!

Authors - If not being picked is a last straw for you, and the dark of discouragement gets to be too much, please feel free to reach out to me at: kimberly.vanderhorst (at) gmail.com. I'm happy to offer a listening ear and share some of the encouragement that's been shared with me over the years.

Agents - Request Levels are as follows:

Stunning Debut - Query and First 10 Pages
Instant Classic - Query and First 25 Pages
Dark Horse Hit - Query and First 50 Pages
Box Office Smash - Query and First 100 Pages
Blockbuster - Query and Full

Comments are moderated and will be revealed on the 15th. Please don't comment before then unless you're an agent, in which case, please comment LOTS.

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