Pitch Slam Entry 3 - THAT'S NOT ME, YA Contemporary

Genre: YA Contemporary


Word Count: 60,000


Seventeen-year-old Cassy’s acrobatic-dance team could win mega-gameshow, Talented Earth. But when the painkillers she needs to perform begin deteriorating her relationships and health, Cassy must face her addiction or risk losing more than a contest.

First 250:

I’m flying. I’m falling. I’m safe. Repeat. I’m flying. I’m falling. I’m safe. Repeat. I’m flying. I’m falling. I’m safe.

Five, four, three, two, up. Scorpion. Hold.

The wind brushes my cheeks and pushes stray strands of hair from my eyes. From here I can see all of the stands, my team, the football team – my world. Below me, Brooklyn’s a blur of crimson and black, bending through her sixth, seventh, or – I don’t know - thirteenth flip.

Melissa is doing a floor routine that would make Olympians’ jaws drop, and she’s doing it on an abrasive, poly-something-or-nother track. Peter’s been balancing on one hand for forever. And everyone’s eyes are on me.

I won’t lie—I love it.

Although, I have to admit, it really isn’t me they should be watching. Sure, it’s difficult to keep my form through every toss, and I guarantee not many people could do it as well as I do, but the truly amazing people are the three human trampolines beneath me.

They manage to throw me up to heights unheard of by any other cheer team, and all without losing an inch in the sky from one toss to the next. Three immaculate tosses to close out an already exhausting routine. They are awesome.

Lawrence’s grip on my ankle tightens and loosens three quick, consecutive times. Sorry, pal, the weather’s too pleasant up here to willingly fall back to Earth so soon. Craig groans, taps on my heel.Babies. If I don’t acknowledge them they’ll give—


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