The Noisy World

Dear World,

You are so, so noisy. Please. STOP already. You are too lovely for all this finger pointing and "Can you believe he . . . ?" and "Did you know she . . . ?" You are full to the brim with talented, loving, hopeful people. You have sweetness in you (babies and puppies and COOKIES, oh my!), generosity, kindness, compassion. I never have to look far to find someone who inspires my admiration, respect, and love.

World, you are AMAZING. So hush, okay? Carve yourself out a quiet place and just listen for a while. Still your anger, your judgment, your raging, and let yourself enjoy the wonder and joy that live in the silent space between noisy moments.

I know, I know. I'm part of the noise and ruckus. I'm one of the loud ones frowning down her (rather large) nose at a world that doesn't always live up to her hopes and expectations. I get self-righteous. I write emails in my head to people I think are DOING LIFE WRONG. I judge people for being too judgmental. I get angry at road-ragers. I waste money constantly and then tsk over the way people spend their money on stupid, stupid things.

I'm a human being. I'm a hypocrite like that.

But World . . . wow. You're full of people who help me want to not be a hypocrite anymore, who teach me I can be better than I am. I want all the good, heart-filling things that are in you. I want them for me, I want them for people I love, I want them for people I haven't found a way to know yet.

Yes World, there are many noisy-making aspects of you, and they're not going to go away just because I choose to smile more and judge less, tolerate more and rage less. But you are a grey place, dear World, and I can't make you be black and white by shouting at you.

There is too much I need to make sense of, for a few paragraphs on a page to express any sort of clarity. I'm finding my way, finding it with words, and I'm choosing to believe they're going to lead me somewhere lovely.

VanderVision Tip of the Day:  Shouting, both the metaphorical and the literal kind, is exhausting. How about we stop?