Mondays are not my favorite days, and I'm not the superstitious type at ALL. Being superstitious requires being clever enough to be well informed as to what you're supposed to be all hyped up about, but being silly enough to believe stuff like spilling salt will give you bad luck or something. I find it very confusing, and not worth the effort I would have to expend to make sense of it all.

No. I dislike Mondays for very solid, logical, specific reasons.

1) I miss Neil. Weekends get pretty hectic around here, and I SEE him a lot, which gives me the illusion that we've spent time together. But then he goes back to work Monday morning, leaving me alone with the kids and I look at them sideways a little and think, hey, wait, he spent the weekend playing with YOU. Yeah. I'm a little jealous of my kids sometimes. I'm pathetic like that.

2) The mess. It is generally expected in the Vander-Household, that weekends be spent doing fun family stuff. This usually results in a great deal of dirt, various children's belongings scattered throughout the yard, and a pile of dishes that Mommy was talked into not doing (it's FAMILY TIME Mommy, don't you love us?!). Weekends = Chaos around here, and Monday mornings reflect that very clearly. Although it should be pointed out that THIS weekend I stayed up super late and got the dishes done. Ah, the awesomeness never stops around here.

3) They're the day after Sunday, which is always the best of days, and CANNOT BE TOPPED.

But see, I've figured out the secret to battling Mondays, and I'm totally willing to share. I'm employing the secret right now, as I type this blog post. The secret is . . .

To not get out of bed. Yep. It's 9am on a ****** morning and I'm still chilling in bed, laptop in front of me, pretending that this most horriblest of days is not even happening. Ahh . . . the bliss of it. I don't have to confront the sticky patches on the floor or the children who are going to be extra cranky because they stayed up too late all weekend. I don't have to miss Neil or do laundry or . . . well, do anything really.

Aren't I brilliant?

Bwahahahaha! A certain three-year-old just shouted up the stairs. "Mommmmmmy! I'm coming uuuup!"

Curses. Foiled again!

VanderVision Tip of the Day: However you choose to tackle (or hide from) the day, be awesome. It's always worth the effort.

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