Plagiarized Awesomeness

Sometimes I see something awesome and think, Ooo...shiny! I must make it mine! I'm very materialistic like that.

But when I see awesome words, it's a different story (pun intended). I mean, I can TRY. I can get all Gollum-y on those words, buy them and put them on my shelf, stroke them creepily while muttering to myself, that kind of thing. But that doesn't change the ownership of them. The only words I own are the ones I write myself. And no matter how beautiful, or HILARIOUS (see above), or how powerful, the words that other people write will always be THEIR own, THEIR precious.

No matter how much I wish I'd thought of it first, you know, just for a for instance.

So yeah. Anyone know who wrote the card in the picture above? Because I kind of want to steal those words and my shoulder-angel is shouting at me to behave myself. Good thing my shoulder-angel is seriously buff. She can kick my shoulder-devil's keister any day.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Awesomeness cannot be plagiarized. You can't steal someone else's awesomeness and wear it like a hat. It will NEVER FIT YOU RIGHT. Find your own awesome. It's there. Promise.

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