Stop Being Sad - Start Being Awesome

Yesterday was a 50/50 kind of day. You know, the kind which you can't call great but can't really call horrible either? Even though great stuff AND horrible stuff happened during the course of it? Half awesome. Half not-awesome. And it came down to a choice.

See, the day started with a screaming three-year-old, and then a chapter that was going REALLY well until Microsoft Word suddenly forgot how to make question marks, quotation marks, and apostrophes. My characters started talking in these eerie monotones inside my head. It was CREEPY.

And then the baby woke up covered in ick. And then she icked all over me and a large portion of carpet. Then Neil came home from taking my oldest child to a surgery consultation where it was discovered that the festering site of her sliver surgery had developed into a WART. A whole day off work for him and a whole day off school for her, over a wart. Seriously. Neil then collapsed in bed with a fever, because you know, it had been that kind of day, and the baby proceeded to scream off and on for pretty much the whole rest of the day (unless sleeping or being held at a 47 degree angle while being rocked slightly to a discordant version of You Are My Sunshine).

Yeah. It was quite a day.

But I can't call it horrible because I? Decided to be awesome. I caught up on the dishes. I reorganized SEVEN (that's a lot--hence the capitalization) of my kitchen cupboards. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed hardened on bits of granola bar and other sticky stuff off a large section of the dining room floor. I fed people. I did more dishes. I swept. I scrubbed a toilet! (totally exclamation mark worthy) I put through laundry (today I might even fold some of it). I put away toys. I read stories. I played piano. I wrote a whole chapter. I even made my BED.

And I did all that without the help of any artificial substances. No junk food was harmed in the making of my awesomeness.

So I totally want that sign in my house, because it holds within it the kernel of a powerful truth . . .

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Awesomeness is timeless. You can begin at any moment in any day, no matter what has gone on before. Stop being not-awesome. Be awesome instead.


  1. Holy cow; you rock! That is a LOT of awesomeness for one day (yes, capital letters -- I might abuse them at times but it sounds like you deserve 'em!). Way to turn a bad day around. I did not do that yesterday and needed a hard reset (a good night's sleep) but today is already going awesome-r than yesterday.

  2. Is that mere awesome? Nah. That is BEYOND and ABOVE awesome! Can't believe how much you did ... and with no sugar! Way to go!