I like to do things that stay done. This? Is problematic. I have four kids plus a husband who has the organizational skills of . . . well, of one of the kids. I have a 2600 square foot, three story house (oh yes, poor me, the horribleness of it all), and two of my four children think that throwing food on the floor is a great way to secure themselves constant access to snackage.

Things around here do NOT stay done.

I've known for years now that writing makes me happy, and the whys of it are pretty obvious. I'm exercising my brain (which gets the equivalent of a very portly tummy if I don't let it out to play every now and again), developing a talent, challenging myself, embracing the idea that I need a little me-time to stay sane, and I'm allowing passion and creativity to play a big role in a life that (while AWESOME) can get a little dull and repetitive at times.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Writing is like a giant key in the lock of a door labelled "Awesomeness." 

But what I've recently realized about writing is that when I write a paragraph, no matter the quality thereof, it stays written (barring unforeseen technical difficulties or my toddler deciding to play symphonies on my keyboard). The chapters I've written? The books I have created OUT OF NOTHING? They are done (until I decide they're looking at me funny and decide to revise the heck out of them, of course).

It is this same desire for done-ness that drives me to organize closets and arrange my personal library alphabetically by author. The toddler hasn't attacked my bookshelves or closets . . . yet.

What do you like to do that stays done in your life? Where do you find your I-can-do-stuff-that-stays-done power? I confess, I'm kind of addicted to the feeling and I need new ideas . . . 


  1. The something-out-of-nothingness is indeed awesome. When I finished drafting my last book, I sat back and marveled at how, just a short while before, these characters and this story didn't exist. Kind of mind-blowing, at least for me.

    Not much stays done at my house. The laundry, the dusting, the feeding of people--it's an endless cycle. Maybe that's why I love writing so much.

  2. Maybe that's why like to take pictures of the food I make, because it doesn't stick around for long and wouldn't be rightfully appreciated in all it's glory otherwise. Let's see, other than that... journaling (but that's still writing too), photo blogging (capturing memories so they stick around is like doing something that stays done right?), creating stuff --and I don't mean crafts per se, because I am not a crafty person, but I need a good crazy project to keep me excited about life and to get me out the door to shop for more than just groceries. My personal hobby is to see something at the store or on pinterest and think, "I could make that, with certain 'improvements', with junk from around my house and the thrift store." It keeps my mind a hoppin' and I feel good about being frugal and resourceful --as well as creating something that didn't really exist before.

  3. This is such a good point! I think it's one comforting thing about writing when everything else just needs to be redone all the time.