Speaking of Elephants . . .

"Losing weight is fun. Clothes don't fit quite so snug. I find myself walking with a bit more confidence. One might even observe a slight strut in my stride. Until I turn my ankle and crumple to the ground because, lost poundage or no, I still have all the grace and agility of an elephant." - Kimberly VanderHorst, Is it Arrogant to Quote Yourself?

I've lost eight pounds this month ---> more evidence of my increasing awesomeness. I like to bring up this fact AS OFTEN AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.  

VanderVision Tip of the Day: There's no point being awesome if everyone doesn't know you are.

I'm a praise junkie. Which means if I do something nice/kind/noble/awesome, then yeah, you're totally going to hear about it. It's possible, just remotely, that I could be a wee bit awesomer if I could learn to live without the praise. If self-respect could be payment enough, you know? But, assuming that's where I'm trying to go, I'm not there yet. So give me my freakin' pat on the back, OR ELSE.

Next month our family is cruising down to California and hitting Disneyland for the first time. During the course of the trip I may be meeting an old penpal of mine. One I have NEVER MET IN PERSON (seriously, the capital letters are definitely warranted this time). We began corresponding in 1996, and this guy was so dang funny that I tried to force him to keep writing to me for YEARS AND YEARS. He would flag off every now again, but I'd harass him back into it. I'm awesomely stalkerish persistent like that.

So he and his wife live in California now, and he claims that he will drive the hour or so it will take to meet up with me and my family so we can finally look each other in the eye and say, "Umm, hi." or something equally profound like that. And I'm thinking, how much more weight can I lose in the next month? Or should I just chuck that idea, GAIN as much as I can, and try to impress him with my mammothness?

Vanity aside, Disneyland is HUGE, and if I don't want to spend half our trip collapsing on park benches and gasping like a beached whale, perhaps I should step the physical fitness up a couple notches?

How do you bring the awesome, exercise wise? Me, I'm all about the Dance Party . . . 


  1. Pat, pat, pat. That's me patting you on the back, or the shoulder, or someplace equally appropriate.

    (Is this where you're hanging out, internetwise, these days? I must visit again. And soon.)

  2. I'm echoing Becca's patting. Probably on the head...or not.

    If I could figure out how to bring the awesome in, exercise wise, I'd be lots happier. I shall go run up and down the stairs a couple of times in your honor.

  3. Dance Party sounds good to me! I like the zumba for wii workout.
    However, if you REALLY want results, you need to find a psycho killer to chase you around with a butcher knife or a chainsaw. It has to be a REAL killer or the motivation just isn't there.

  4. I admit I'm tempted to be just a wee bit jealous that you're going to Disneyland. That's someplace we'd LOVE to be able to take Christopher to, but it's not likely to be financially possible for us until after he's out of the house . . .
    though that's what grandkids are for, right? LOL

  5. I decided to start getting fitter, so I bought a pedometer on Groupon and baselined my average day of walking. From there, I pushed myself to do a bit more (even started the husband walking with me!) It's amazing what 1,000 more steps per week will do along with cutting portion sizes. I eat anything I want, but less of it. Those are the only changes I made and dropped 5 lbs in 6 weeks!

  6. I like Pilates and yoga... but I'm SO not doing that right now. :P I say go you for making it fun. Dance parties sound like a lot more fun than, say, going for an epic run.