Kimberly grew up sandwiched between the mountains and the sea of British Columbia, Canada.

She wrote her first book when she was seven (it was awesome - but the world totally isn't ready for it yet) and her next when she was twenty-seven (see writing samples HERE). When asked to account for the intervening years she likes to suggest the possibility of alien abduction with as straight a face as possible. She is represented by the incomparable Lorin Oberweger of Adams Literary.

Other claims to fame include running Prism Editing, co-hosting the bi-annual Pitch Slam contest, serving on the committee for the annual Whitney Awards program and LDStorymakers Conference, and founding her local writers' guild.

Despite being a city girl with a tendency to cuss a lot, Kimberly is married to an LDS minister and lives in rural northern Canada. There, she helps raise their four rambunctious daughters while pretending not to be afraid of the neighbour's chickens.

As for statistics and demographics and whatnot . . .

Location: 100 Mile House, BC, Canada
Children: Emma(13), Becca (11), Claira (7), Grace (5)
Age: 38               Husband: Neil               Religion: LDS
Hobbies/Passions: Reading, writing, playing piano, singing, 
laughing, taking pictures of herself making funny faces . . .

Favourite . . .

season: Autumn
time of day: the hazy grey time just before dawn
colour: Red
author: Terry Pratchett (see GoodReads for more)
TV Shows: Pushing Daisies, Sherlock, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Eureka, Castle, Community, Big Bang Theory, MasterChef, Veronica Mars, IT Crowd, Parks&Rec . . . Umm, yes. Kim watches too much TV.

Bucket List . . .

Have a Novel Published

Leave the North American Continent (happening this Spring!)
Hand out Free Umbrellas on a Rainy Day
Sing Well Enough to Bring Tears to Someone's Eyes
Bake Drool Worthy Delectables
Go on a cruise
Conduct a crowd of people who are singing Happy Birthday to her

Pet Peeves . . .

Slow Jaywalkers
Unkindness and Intolerance
Long Pet Peeves Lists

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