Let That be a Lesson to You

I don't have a single credit to my name. I don't have an agent (yet), I haven't published a book (yet), and I have 2/3 of an English degree that I haven't finished (yet).

So what makes me think I have the right to dole out writing advice?

The fact that I'm fan-freaking-tastic, that's what. ;)

Honestly though, with all the humility that I'm going to pretend to have for the sake of appearances and all, I've made just about every rookie mistake a rookie ever rooked. But I've been beyond fortunate to be mentored by some amazing authors, and every year I get to attend THIS amazing conference. And whether through genius or sheer force of will, I've actually learned a few things it feels acutely wrong not to share.

The process of becoming a better writer can (and should?) be a series of epiphanies that we then apply in order to improve our writing. You don't have a dream one night, wake up, and then write the perfect novel. Natural talent is important but it is nowhere near adequate. Learning the craft of writing is nothing short of bloody hard work that has the potential to transform you into a neurotic wreck.

But if you love it enough, if you're passionate about it, you put yourself back together and wreck yourself all over again with the next story. Passion is not the key to BEING a good writer. It's the key to surviving long enough to BECOME one.

So if you'd like to experience a few of my epiphanies, borrow some of my light-bulbs as it were, click HERE. And if what you read there happens to help you, please pass it along. I haven't been able to think of a better way to pay forward the life-changing insights I've been given, and lessons I've been taught, than to share a few of my own.

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