I love words. I love them in a way that my husband finds just a WEE bit disturbing and possibly even a little bit threatening. That, is h...

Wordity Wordity



I love words. I love them in a way that my husband finds just a WEE bit disturbing and possibly even a little bit threatening. That, is how much I love words.

And either in spite of or because of this love affair, I like to create new ones. Like the title of this post, "Wordity." This is a hybrid of the word "word" and the word "oddity," referencing the lovely oddity of words in all their many incarnations.

Yeah, I'm not so much a word nerd as I am a word-whacko, but it's all good fun.

One of my absolute favouritest things to do with my words is to share them, and I don't just mean in the form of nonsensical blog posts that half a dozen or so (very bored) people read. And I'm not necessarily referring to the books, short stories and (truly awful) poems I write. What's on my mind at the moment are the words I carve into various bits of stationary and send winging off through the postal system. Shared words of the MAIL variety. Ah, the sweetness of them!

Because there's nothing like receiving a piece of mail with actual handwriting on. And even that can be topped if what's inside the envelope is personal and real and meant just for you because you are THAT awesome.

But what I love even more than receiving these ego-strokes-in-an-envelope, is sending them. I love taking a small piece of my day and lovingly folding it into an envelope. I love mailing it, knowing how amazing the person receiving it is going to feel. Of course, there's the possibility that every time I do this the other person actually thinks, Crap. Do I have to write her back now? But I try not to think about that. It puts a cramp in my awesomeness.

I used to mail a few letters/notes every week. That was a happy time. It was like having an extra helping of awesome every time I sent one. I'm going to do that again. In fact, I just finished addressing two note cards that I'm sending off to some gal pals who've been on my mind lately.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: Awesomeness demands to be shared. Get on that.

Want your own piece of the VanderVision awesomeness? Email your mailing address to kimberly.vanderhorst at gmail.com. Don't worry, I won't stalk you. I prefer to be weird and creepy from a distance. I'm too lazy to travel.


  1. You have my snail mail address, and I was just thinking I should write you, and a few other dear ones who've been on my mind. Thanks for the impetus!

  2. I love sending hand written mail! I don't do it very often, but I try and pay attention and when I feel inspired to do so, I try and follow through. I know it makes me happy to receive it, so like you, I assume others must love it too!


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