I stopped writing for a few days. This is my go-to solution for the question: What can I do that is completely, and utterly idiotic and wi...

Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders

I stopped writing for a few days. This is my go-to solution for the question: What can I do that is completely, and utterly idiotic and will thereby cast me into the deep abyss of despair and a sugar-coma inducing chocolate binge?

Yep. Not writing does it every time.

Even Neil, my super-geekily-awesome husband who doesn't-quite-get-the-whole-writing-thing now gets that not writing = Crazy Kim. Crazy Kim is one scary chick, and Neil has started asking her, hesitantly mind you, "So, did you make some time to write today?"

My luverly author friend, the talented and renowned Luisa Perkins, sent me the above graphic one day and it is now my desktop wallpaper. The number of times I've closed a window and seen The Doctor glaring at me . . . I swear, makes my chest get all tight and achy from panic EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Don't know who (ha ha) "The Doctor" is? We need to talk. Pronto. I'm not saying that you have to adore him the way I do to be my friend. Or that our kindred-spirit-ness will be lacking something if you don't. That would be crazy talk (and I wrote 2000 words today so Crazy Kim is off in la-la land somewhere). BUT IT DOESN'T HURT.

VanderVision Tip of the Day: The Doctor is fanTAStic, and you should bask in the awesomeness thereof.

All that said, my new book is coming along nicely. It's fully cast and outlined (I know WHAT happens but not HOW - I like to keep the mystery alive for myself), and the chapters are coming to life in fabulous make-me-laugh or make-me-gasp kind of ways. It feels a lot like when I knew that Neil was "the one." This book, this is it. This is the truest work of fiction I've written yet. That's the thing about fiction. It's as real or as fake as you make it, and the very best fiction is the fiction that FEELS real. Where the realness of it radiates off of every single page and while you're reading it, you're immersed that reality.

That's what I want to create. That's the particular form of awesomeness I'm striving for. I'm not there yet, but I'm closer than I've ever been and it feels AMAZING.

What are you striving for right now?


  1. I'm in a very similar place as you. Last night I wrote THE chapter... you know the one that your entire story has been waiting for? The one where the stars align and suddenly your story is flying like it's never flown before and it feels totally and completely amazing? Yeah. It was awesome. Now I've just got a few follow up chapters to tie everything up and then... then round one is done.

    (And also I'll be sending it out to a few beta readers... a very short list upon which you sit at the top. If you're still willing. :))

  2. I miss reading your anecdotes!!! Looking forward to your book when it is finished! (I am patient.) Me, being the glutton for punishment, I am striving for several goals: 1) finding my 6-pack abs underneath that lovely mummy tummy layer before the age of 40(yikes, it is creeping up pretty quick next year); 2) writing more recipes for my blog (it is my culinary legacy for the kiddies when they move out - trying to foresee the phone calls "Mom, how do you make fried rice?"); 3) fixing my weird (possibly stress-related) sudden sensitivities/allergies to chocolate(the HORROR)/eggs/dairy; and 4) to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Didn't realize I had so many things on the go, until I actually wrote it down!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :)

  3. I love the Doctor...every one of him!

  4. It's interesting seeing peoples different views on writing. Some authors like having outlines, some just write without a plan and see where it takes them. Years ago when I thought I might try to be a published author I did best by just sitting in front of the computer and writing without a plan or maybe just the barest outline of a plan. Of course just because I did better writing that way doesn't mean it was all that good. I never wrote anything I felt was good enough to publish and eventually my "muse" just left me. I was typing away like normal and suddenly I couldn't think of what was next. This had happened before and always before I just left it for awhile and came back to it when I knew how to continue. It's been about 20 years later and I'm still stuck. It wasn't just that story, haven't been able to write any others either ever since. I still have most of them but they are just collecting dust. However I don't think being a full-time author is something I would really enjoy doing anyways by this point so it doesn't bother me that much. I have always kind of wondered what happened next in that story though.

    P.S. doctor who is one of the best shows out there. I grew up with the

    1. 4th doctor but they are all good. Sorry about the split post, something weird happened with the website and I was cut off and also thinks I'm "unknown".

  5. Love Dr. Who--all, but especially David Tennant. Great site--can't wait to read more of your stuff, Kim.


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